Working with value-driven brands and small businesses I edit podcasts that inspire and empower their audience.

Editing can be a consuming process so by outsourcing the production of your podcasts you'll free up time to focus on the work that you do best. Working with me you'll get peace of mind that your content will be delivered to you quickly, seamlessly edited, and ready to be shared with your listeners.

If you’d like to chat further about working together please do drop me an email. I'd love to hear more about your podcast!


Emily’s work on the podcast has genuinely transformed my business! Since bringing her onboard the podcast has more than doubled in size and reached the UK business charts, with higher quality episodes and more consistent uploads. Having such an efficient, organised and creative team member not only makes my role as a host more joyful but also releases me to do the stuff that really matters. I wish I’d outsourced it sooner!

Alice - "Starting The Conversation"

Working with Emily has been absolutely revolutionary. Without her, I wouldn't have been able to launch the Modern Day Rebels podcast, let alone produce episodes consistently. Emily does a fantastic job editing every single episode with great attention to detail and a quick turnaround. She is creative, a great writer, and is invaluable to the overall production of the podcast.

Julia - "Modern Day Rebels Podcast"

"Emily has really made my podcast, quite literally. For someone who doesn't come from the chronic illness world she has an amazing understanding of the subject and she's crafted my ramblings into something that can really benefit the community. Her work ethic is second to none and I don't know what I would do without her creative input."

Hannah - "Am I Disabled Now?"


Podcast Editing


Edit recorded content (removing hesitations, mistakes, repetitions, background noise)
Arrange episode content and mix in the supplied intro, outro, transitions, and adverts
Apply Compression, EQ, Levelling
ID3 Tags
Convert to MP3 format 128kbps Stereo
1 round of changes

£80 per episode

£300 for 4 episodes (Saving £20)

Podcast Management

Editing + Show Notes + Scheduling


Edit recorded content (removing mistakes, hesitations, repetitions, & background noise)
Arrange episode content and mix in supplied intro, outro, transitions, adverts etc
Apply EQ, Compression, Levelling
Convert to MP3 format 128kbps Stereo
Episode titles and show notes in line with your brand voice, and all links to referenced resources
ID3 Tags
MP3 & show notes uploaded to your podcast host & automated to be published on the agreed day & time
1 round of changes

£110 per episode

£410 for 4 episodes (Saving £30)

Audiograms & Transcription services can be added to packages
on request

Need more info?

If you have questions about launching or editing your podcast drop me an email, I'd be happy to chat & help you out with anything you're unsure on.

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  • Taking on new clients from June 2021